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CX & Marketing Cloud

Transform your approach to marketing by embracing some of the most powerful solutions in the market today. Deliver personalised responses, targeted advertising and fulfill customer care at scale.

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Orchestrate and execute multi-channel campaigns across each stage of the customer journey with Eloqua (B2B) or Responsys (B2C)

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Unified platform for modern marketers to create personalised experiences with Email, Social, Advertising and Mobile Studio.

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Google Marketing

Reach new customers with better results through targeted advertising, analytics insights and data visualization.

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Manage customer experience across major social channels with Research, Marketing, Advertising, Engagement and Care solutions. 

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Campaign Monitor

Create and send targeted emails with automation that can be designed to suit your consumer actions. 

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Design lightweight and visually stunning user interfaces for your content or commerce sites

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Gain granular understanding of your customers and campaigns by leveraging on analytics. Capture, organize and visualize data to enable various stakeholders easy access to actionable insights. 

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Data Studio

Unlock the power of your data with interactive dashboards and beautiful reports that inspire smarter business decisions.

Google Analytics

Understand your users across mobile and web. Get insights into audience behavior with a complete view of content performance.


Consolidate metrics by bringing all the data you need and feed it to your favorite reporting, analytics, or storage platform such as spreadsheet, data visualization tool, or a marketing data warehouse.


Analyze, audit, monitor and optimize. All in one solution that helps to improve online visibility whilst discovering marketing insights for you and your competitors.

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