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Work Better for Better Work

May 15, 2024
Steelcase, renowned globally for its innovative and sustainable furnishings and as a thought leader in workplace design, sought to expand its awareness in Southeast Asia to demonstrate to organizations how better work starts with better workplaces.

Work Better for Better Work


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While the workplace is traditionally a space for collaboration and innovation, the critical role of its environment, especially the furnishings, is frequently underestimated. Steelcase sought to demonstrate how their innovative designs and furnishings can dramatically boost productivity by combining scientific methods with aesthetic design. They aimed to reach various audiences, including interior designers, to illustrate the benefits of these design strategies, and workspace owners, to emphasize the scientific benefits of an enhanced environment for productivity and employee well-being.


Recognizing that our target audience engages across various social platforms and sometimes overlaps on the same ones, we first established a content strategy to ensure the right messages reached the right people on each relevant platform. Although individuals are the same across platforms, their content consumption and online behavior create unique digital personas for each. This insight shaped our content creation, ensuring that even if the core message was consistent, it was conveyed in a tone and style that resonated with each platform's audience. Building on this approach, we utilized digital media ads to further target these audiences with precise messaging, while adapting or repurposing Steelcase's rich content to meet the distinct needs of each audience. We also specifically created a website for Steelcase in Asia Pacific to provide resources for the target audience within the market.


Over the course of two months, Steelcase's engagement in the Asia Pacific region steadily increased, driven by heightened audience curiosity and interest. Digital ads further boosted this engagement, leading to a notable rise in conversions, with more individuals downloading Steelcase materials for their design projects. Additionally, the campaign effectively raised awareness of Steelcase’s core commitment to sustainability, showcasing their efforts to reduce carbon footprints through a circularity approach in design and innovation.