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Transforming Consumer Insights with Sprinklr - Maybank Partnership

April 15, 2024
In today's hyper-connected digital landscape, understanding consumer sentiment is vital for business success. Together with Sprinklr, DEX embarked on a transformative journey with Maybank, a prominent financial institution in Southeast Asia. Our goal was to harness the power of Sprinklr, a cutting-edge Consumer Experience Platform, to gather actionable insights from social media conversations in Malaysia, Singapore and the region.

Transforming Consumer Insights with Sprinklr - Maybank Partnership


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The project commenced with extensive setup and implementation of Sprinklr's monitoring tool. This involved months of refining keywords, optimizing contextual analysis, and enhancing sentiment tracking capabilities. We collaborated closely with key stakeholders at Maybank, including the group social team and various business units, to ensure the tool's effectiveness in providing up-to-date insights and proactive risk monitoring.


Through this partnership, we leveraged on Sprinklr to unlock unprecedented visibility into consumer behaviors and sentiments. By deploying advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms, we captured and analyzed vast amounts of social media data in real-time. This allowed us to identify emerging trends, customer pain points, and opportunities for product enhancements. Our solution enabled Maybank to receive tailored reports and dashboards, providing actionable intelligence for strategic decision-making. Through ongoing collaboration and continuous optimization, we    empowered Maybank to stay ahead of market shifts and consumer preferences.


The impact of our partnership with Maybank was substantial and measurable:    

  • Informed Product Enhancements: Insights derived from Sprinklr guided Maybank in refining products and services based on consumer feedback, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty.    
  • Proactive Risk Management: Real-time monitoring of sentiment allowed Maybank to swiftly address potential issues, safeguarding brand reputation and credibility.
  • Strategic Decision Support: We provided comprehensive reports to Maybank's C-suite, highlighting key focus areas based on consumer insights. This facilitated data-driven strategies and resource allocation.
  • Collaborative Success: The partnership fostered a culture of innovation and collaboration within Maybank, enabling cross-functional teams to leverage consumer insights for business growth.

This case study showcases DEX's ability to drive impactful consumer insights and strategic decision-making through the utilization of Sprinklr in partnership with Maybank. Emphasize the collaborative approach, tangible outcomes, and the value of data-driven strategies to attract new clients seeking modern marketing solutions.