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Have your data and eat it too!

May 1, 2024
Ajinomoto, a global leader in biotechnology specializing in food and amino acids, was launching their own e-commerce shop and wanted to understand their business consumers through their online purchase behaviors.

Have your data and eat it too!


Data Management

Google Data Studio







Ajinomoto's venture into ecommerce required managing multiple platforms to ensure the success of their online shopping business. This included handling their e-commerce platform, data analytics, and logistics. Consequently, they faced numerous data touchpoints, each offering unique insights into business consumer activities. To better understand them, Ajinomoto needed to consolidate all relevant data for each individual into a single profile, enabling them to create detailed online personas and more accurately define and understand their audience.


To address Ajinomoto's needs, we devised a solution centered around a unified dashboard, amalgamating data from disparate platforms to uncover trends and develop personas. Through Google Data Studio, we integrated key platforms using Google Cloud API, directing pertinent data streams into GDS. Our tailored dashboards offered Ajinomoto a real time overview of the data and evolving online purchase behavior.


Across six months, data volumes surged alongside online sales growth, furnishing Ajinomoto with richer datasets. This enhanced data now facilitates a deeper understanding of their audience patterns, empowering Ajinomoto to devise precise, targeted campaigns grounded in real-time insights.