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We've received reports that there are scammers who have been masquerading as DEX Ventures to offer lucrative e-commerce commissions.

Note that we are not in any way affiliated or connected to these criminals that are using our credibility to defraud the innocent. Should you encounter any of such offers, please report to the authorities immediately.





for imaginative businesses

Solutions delivered at the intersection between technology & marketing to win the modern customer.

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Technology & Marketing

We serve as a trusted partner and advisor to our clients in their transformation journey by deploying digital solutions that drive business results.

Embrace cutting-edge applications for optimum results

Modernize your approach to marketing through technologies that provide scalability, control and feedback.


Orchestrate marketing channels effectively

Explore our practices in helping customers deliver results throughout the entire consumer journey. 


Align creativity to purpose and goals for businesses

Today's businesses need to close the gap with evolving audience behavior. Discover our breadth of creative and technical work across B2B and B2C segments.


Translating Digital Concepts into Physical Outcomes

Craft immersive experiences for your consumers to effectively bridge the gap between their online interactions and on-ground encounters.


Our Impact of One

Multi-disciplinary approach for delivering the most impactful solutions culled from across different specialised teams - delivered as one fluid expression.

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Improve customer experiences or bring change to your marketing stack with industry-leading solutions