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Cloud Made Simple Over A Cup of Coffee

January 10, 2024
Imagine this: you’re a beginner, curious about the cloud, but technical jargon makes your head spin. Amazon Web Services (AWS) wanted to change that with a bold idea - they brought in their own industry thought leaders, the “brew masters” of cloud knowledge, to show just how easy it was to get started in the cloud.

Cloud Made Simple Over A Cup of Coffee



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Amazon Web Services (AWS)





Amazon Web Services (AWS) wanted to break through the noise and reach more people for their online learning session - AWSome Day. They’ve tried almost every method on traditional media, social media and performance marketing to reach out to their target audience. They needed a fresh approach to not only pique interest but also solidify themselves as the go-to cloud solution in people’s minds. It was time to think outside the (server) box.


Joining forces with Amazon Web Services (AWS), our team embarked on crafting an engaging experience. We put real-life experts at the forefront, tapping into their social media reach to connect with an already eager audience. But we didn’t stop there. We partnered with four regional thought leaders to launch “Cloud Sips & Tips,” a video series where these “expert baristas” shared practical cloud tips using coffee analogies. It was like getting insider knowledge over a friendly cup of joe!


And guess what? The campaign reached over 9 million people, and contributed to a 7.5% sign up rate for the online conference. Feedback showed the coffee analogy was a hit, grabbing attention and making complex topics easier to digest. This campaign proves that good marketing is more than just information; it’s about creating a captivating narrative that resonates with your audience. So, the next time you’re feeling lost in the tech world, remember, a little sip of knowledge can go a long way.