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Reimagining Gamification

August 30, 2021
Gamifying science and technology in an interactive and engaging manner through a series of uniquely curated games to showcase the features and capabilities of Cytiva’s latest Amersham ImageQuant 800 Western blot imaging systems

Reimagining Gamification


Web Development

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Medical experts are usually inundated with a slew of brochures and factsheets showcasing the latest features of any technology. To stand out and engage this niche market to convince potential investors to adopt this product in labs across the APAC region is no simple task. This was the challenge given to us - How can we possibly engage and interact with our potential prospects to experience the product features in the digital space?


We created a microsite with a series of web based HTML5 games that gamified the unique features and capabilities of the IQ800. Through gamification of the imaging system, visitors were able to test the features providing them with an engaging and educational experience. By completing each game, they were also then ranked and prizes were awarded to the top scorers of the games.


Through this digital experience, we were able to create an uptake of interest and demand for the IQ800 which led to generating new leads for Cytiva via the lead capturing mechanics on the microsite. Since then, the campaign has been expanded further to roll out more countries across the regions progressively.