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Leaving a Mark in the world

March 1, 2024
Marks & Spencer, renowned for its rich heritage and market expertise, enlisted our help in devising approaches to connect with the new age shoppers with the opening of their latest store in Malaysia.

Leaving a Mark in the world






Marks & Spencer




Despite Marks & Spencer's reputation in Malaysia as a top destination for quality UK apparel, its extensive selection of high-quality food items often flies under the radar. Capitalizing on this, we orchestrated a strategic media event launch to reacquaint the market with Marks & Spencer's unwavering commitment to excellence, complemented by consumer activations aimed at boosting store traffic.


In a landscape saturated with retail and F&B options, enticing consumers to visit a clothing store with an attached café featuring exquisite UK delicacies poses a unique challenge. How can we effectively capture their attention and drive foot traffic to this inclusive experience?


To highlight the unmatched UK retail and culinary experience, we initiated an exclusive media event. Media guests were treated to a comprehensive store tour, showcasing Marks & Spencer's diverse clothing lines, followed by a delectable café lunch featuring the brand's signature delicacies. Leveraging digital platforms, we collaborated with influencers to disseminate information about the new store launch. To further drive excitement, we introduced a compelling promotion, offering complimentary customized lettering on Marks & Spencer denim purchases.


Within the span of a single week, sales at the store saw a notable increase, and foot traffic steadily rose in the ensuing weeks, drawing customers for both shopping and cafe indulgence.