For the glory of the Horde

Win new customers by starting at the heart

June 30, 2020
QV demonstrates brand responsibility and empathy by amplifying the voice of Singaporeans to commemorate healthcare providers and frontliners throughout the fight against COVID-19.

Win new customers by starting at the heart


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After the first wave of COVID-19, healthcare workers and frontliners were stretched as they worked tirelessly to protect Singapore. QV wanted to thank all the brave heroes of the nation by running a public service drive by donating their products to the hospitals to help these frontliners whose skin had dried up or became coarse due to the excessive usage of PPE suits, face mask and alcohol disinfectant solutions. 


Through a campaign called “QV Cares” that was activated on key social platforms, we produced and shared a video to show appreciation to all the frontline heroes with the purpose of encouraging public support for this drive. For every 10 QV moisturisers sold, QV would donate 1 tube of QV cream to the Singapore Hospitals. A landing page was developed to enable QV customers to share contact details of a frontliner that they knew to assist QV in sending them a sampling kit to help them care for their skin.


Response was overwhelming and emotional as there was a wave of positive and motivating comments that flowed in from the public thanking the frontliners for their support. As of now, QV has sent out over 1,500 sample kits to the frontliners.