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Unify data across channels to improve media & campaign efficiency

October 8, 2019
Lazada unifies data across multi-channel platforms for visualisation; enabling accurate tracking of media performance and on-demand tactical changes for optimum results.

Unify data across channels to improve media & campaign efficiency


Data Visualisation
Social Media







Lazada WeCommerce 2019 is  a seller-oriented conference that aims to bring together more than 2,000 participants who are eager to build and elevate their business in the online space. Our role was to generate awareness and convert those interested to sign up early in order for our conference team to plan forward. One key challenge was to ensure that we reach the right audience, at the right time across multiple channels in an effective fashion and see this information in real time. 


We created an interactive, real-time data visualisation dashboard to track and analyze multi-channel results and spend. Integrating social data, ad platforms, website analytics, and targeted email campaigns to provide an overview of performance while allowing for quicker response time when mapped with ticket sales. 

With the ability to unite blended data sources, custom charts were designed to visualize cross-channel performance to measure effectiveness of respective channels online.


The access to real-time data to track and measure the efficacy of each marketing channel enabled the team to progressively activate various programs online and offline that resulted in more than 2,000 delegates attending Lazada WeCommerce 2019, making it the largest e-commerce conference in Malaysia. This is a key demonstration on the right approach to unlock better results from marketing spent by designing a strong feedback framework that complements the entire marketing program so that brands can avoid wastage.