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The Unwasted Plastic

April 18, 2024
Bio-home, a championing brand for eco-friendly cleaning products, unveiled its innovative new Eco Refill Station as part of The Unwasted Plastic campaign. This campaign was a conscientious approach aimed at reducing plastic waste, and promoted the reuse and refilling of plastic bottles to minimize single-use plastic consumption.

The Unwasted Plastic


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In today’s landscape, sustainability is no longer a niche concern; it’s a defining theme for the world we live in and a core value for many consumers. Recognizing this, bio-home developed their innovative Eco Refill Station as part of The Unwasted Plastic campaign, a sustainable solution designed to reduce plastic waste by encouraging customers to conveniently refill and reuse their empty bottles. However, launching this concept posed a challenge: cutting through the noise in the growing sustainability movement and making a lasting impression on customers.


As part of The Unwasted Plastic campaign, we organized an exclusive media launch event at Jaya Grocer The Starling, one of three locations featuring the new Eco Refill Station. To generate positive buzz and brand coverage, we invited media representatives and VIP guests from Jaya Grocer and bio-home alike to experience the new Eco Refill Station firsthand. To further solidify The Unwasted Plastic message, attendees learned about zero waste living with bio-home through a dedicated sustainability wall, and a mini plantable card DIY activity, which served as a practical takeaway of sustainability. Beyond the on-ground event to sustain momentum, we extended the campaign to online platforms, leveraging social media, influencers and digital media buy to reach a wider audience and maximize visibility.


The event attracted a significant media turnout and drew hundreds of Jaya Grocer shoppers to experience the new Eco Refill Station. In a span of three days, all refill stations were constantly replenished to manage the demand of our target audience. This further solidifies our belief that sustainability is not a choice, it should be as fundamental as breathing for humans. It must become an inherent part of our existence as we harmonize with the natural forces of the world.