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The REplace Project

January 8, 2024
Faced with the need to unite ongoing green efforts and environmental awareness across their malls, PPB Properties sought a transformative solution to encourage sustainability action amongst their visitors. We created the branding and design for The REplace Project, a corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative which made its debut as a one-stop recycling center, complete with a vibrant design and educational infographics to capture visitor interest at their newest mall - Megah Rise. Beyond sorting bins, The REplace Project hopes to inspire more eco-conscious choices among the community and encourage positive contribution to a greener, lasting future.

The REplace Project


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Amidst rising global concerns regarding climate change and global warming, PPB Properties, a well-established developer in Malaysia committed to environmental sustainability, operates numerous malls with individual recycling programs. However, they had a bigger vision to create a more comprehensive one-stop center for all sustainability efforts, which would facilitate recycling as well as a range of other initiatives at their malls. This ambitious project demanded a solution that could seamlessly integrate brand identity and impactful design, while maintaining adaptability for future rollout across all PPB malls, to successfully accomplish their vision.


Understanding PPB Properties’ vision for a unified identity, we crafted The REplace Project, weaving a story through a vibrant logo, compelling brand narrative and key visual which represented a home for all things sustainability. The core “RE” prefix formed the heart of the project based on the core principles of sustainability: reduce, reuse, recycle. However, it was designed to be flexible to encompass other sustainability initiatives, such as “recharge” for EV charging bays and “regrow” for urban farming. This became key to creating a cohesive brand identity and ensured a consistent message across all sustainability efforts.

Eventually, this culminated in the complete design of their one-stop recycling center first launched at their latest mall development, Megah Rise Mall. We developed a 3D rendering to map out a section of their basement car park, and gave it a vibrant transformation using colourful signage and infographics to increase environmental awareness. This provided a single point for visitors to responsibly dispose of items such as paper, tin, plastic, e-waste and fabric, while other eye-catching collaterals were placed within and around the mall, inviting the community to embrace and engage in sustainability initiatives.


The REplace Project stands as a testament to PPB Properties’ unwavering commitment to sustainability and assisted it in extending its sustainability vision beyond just recycling. By leveraging strategic branding, innovative design and a focus on environmental education, the project fostered environmental consciousness and inspired action to adopt greener habits among Megah Rise Mall’s 200,000 monthly visitors, empowering them in becoming active participants of sustainability solutions well beyond mall walls. The pilot success of The REplace Project laid the groundwork for a robust CSR initiative as it continues to be expanded across its malls and allows for a greater shared commitment towards sustainability.