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Take A Step Forward

March 1, 2023
Ellgy Plus, a specially formulated cracked heel cream product in Malaysia, sought our assistance in increasing brand exposure by attracting new audiences and increasing overall engagement on brand pages with the ultimate goal of fostering relatability and affinity.

Take A Step Forward




Social Media

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Ellgy Plus





Feet care, in general, is a market that requires nurturing the target audience to consider its products as part of a self-care routine rather than just a sought-out solution. The challenge faced by Ellgy Plus was stagnant engagement on social media pages and limited audience exposure.

Although Ellgy Plus was already available at chain pharmacies nationwide, the lack of awareness about heel care resulted in a diminished perceived need for the product, leading to lower engagement and sales. We decided to establish a connection with consumers on an emotional level by creating relatability and evoking motivation. To achieve this, we launched the "Her Untold Journey" video campaign in conjunction with International Women's Day, employing social strategies, digital ads, and influencer marketing.


To tackle this challenge, a comprehensive strategy was developed, focusing on three essential elements: social media, digital advertising, and influencer marketing. These components were seamlessly integrated across various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, with the aim of enhancing overall campaign exposure and engagement. The key objective was to establish a connection between the brand, its products, and everyday individuals by infusing a sense of humanity and emotion into the storytelling.

The campaign commenced with an emotive trailer centered around self-care, piquing curiosity and leading up to the launch of a campaign video featuring influencers of moderate influence. These influencers shared their personal struggles and emphasized the significance of taking steps forward in life, aligning with the brand's vision. Lastly, a product-centric approach was adopted to reinforce the importance of practicing self-care among the target audience.


Within a span of two months, the campaign garnered over 500 thousand impressions, and 10 thousand engagements increasing the overall page reach by over 28% compared to the previous months. Moreover, the usage of influencer marketing successfully reached out to a new group of people in the beauty and health industry, expanding the overall reach and familiarity of the brand