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April 1, 2023
TikTok Shop made its debut in the Singapore market in August 2022, entering into a highly competitive e-commerce sector alongside established giants such as Shopee and Lazada. However, the company is currently facing a challenge in establishing a robust presence in Singapore, as the level of product awareness among consumers remains relatively low. In order to enhance the brand's reputation and increase awareness, we have been engaged to provide comprehensive support for the overall content strategy, including ideation and creation. Our aim is to develop and implement effective strategies that will elevate the brand's image and improve its visibility in the market.

Shoppertainment for All


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The e-commerce sector in Singapore has experienced significant growth, particularly since the onset of the Covid pandemic. This expansion has resulted in a fiercely competitive marketplace, wherein TikTok Shop strives to establish its presence amidst numerous other brands with established popularity and extensive marketing campaigns.

Recognizing this challenge, we identified an opportunity to position TikTok Shop as a comprehensive platform, encompassing content, community, and shopping capabilities, thereby differentiating it from competitors and offering a unique value proposition to consumers. Our objective is to effectively communicate this proposition and elevate TikTok Shop's brand image in the market.


To achieve our primary objective of expanding followers and driving engagement across the three platforms, we have devised a comprehensive content strategy for TikTok Shop's monthly campaigns and day-to-day content creation. Our strategy revolves around creating captivating, informative, and persuasive content that entertains, educates and convinces the audience. A fundamental aspect of our approach involves identifying and capitalising on relevant trends that resonate with our target audience, thereby maximising our growth potential. By prioritising these key elements, we aim to foster organic growth across the platforms and effectively reach our desired goal of increased followers and engagement.

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Over the past three months, TikTok Shop has experienced significant progress in terms of its online presence and audience engagement. Notably, the brand's TikTok account has witnessed a remarkable growth of over 73%/6,000 followers, which can be attributed to an enhanced focus on both the quality and quantity of content produced. Moreover, the TikTok Shop channels across various platforms have generated an impressive 5.4 million impressions, indicating a substantial reach among the target audience. Furthermore, the average engagement rate has exhibited a notable increase of over 2%, demonstrating a steady upward trend in audience interaction. These promising results reflect the successful and consistent growth of TikTok Shop's online channels. 

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