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Regional customer acquisition through performance marketing

February 4, 2020
Honeywell’s Home Building Technologies (HBT) division strived to increase top funnel leads through performance-led media and acquisition based marketing complemented by re-engagement campaigns through Marketo

Regional customer acquisition through performance marketing


Marketing Automation







Honeywell’s early foray into digital marketing and leads generation in the region was paved with the absence of baseline KPIs and benchmarks that made measurement of success difficult. The Home Building Technologies (HBT) division of Honeywell approached us with the challenge to help kickstart and optimise leads generation campaigns for the Fire Alarm Safety products across 5 countries - Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam whilst helping them to set a benchmark that can be used for iterative improvements to future campaigns.


With 2020 being the year of innovation and transformation for Honeywell, we helped create comprehensive communications content for multiple campaigns to ensure that it remain contextually relevant across each country while maintaining alignment to the campaign goals. We then developed customised landing pages powered by campaigns through Marketo to automate the process of sending out targeted emails to each recipient category in the markets.

Furthermore, we suggested to utilize some of the email campaigns to invite Honeywell’s desired audience to webinars that were created specifically to educate and inform prospects in their marketing list on the key product features under the HBT division.


Throughout the campaign, webinar viewers averaged 300-400 during each session that has helped increase leads and interest for the HBT product range in the region. As a result, HBT further entrusted us with their performance media ad campaigns to target the rest of the ASEAN countries and along with numerous new product lines.