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Real Pros, Real Quality. Shine bright like a professional

February 1, 2021
As an initiative to bridge the brand with lighting professionals in the market, Signify ran an exclusive programme targeted to encourage lighting professionals to utilize digital platforms to gain training and benefits as part of their installer network.

Real Pros, Real Quality. Shine bright like a professional


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The lighting installation professionals have traditionally relied on hands-on experience as a way to learn and gain new techniques to improve their skills. Professional certifications were generally not favored by the installers and furthermore, they were mostly not very digitally savvy - presenting a challenge for the brand on how to reach out to them in the modern age. With the onset of COVID-19, many professionals were forced to stay at home - this gave Signify an opportunity to tap into this market to provide professional training through online webinars.  


Signify developed a series of online webinars to train lighting professionals on installation techniques and their Professional Trade Lighting products. As their businesses were also impacted during this period, the programme gave an opportunity to the lighting professionals to be certified as a Philips Certified Installer, paving a way for them to expand their business opportunities. To further encourage their participation, a loyalty programme was created to reward the installers on purchasing Philips Trade Lighting products, by collecting points and redeeming reward items. With all this at hand, DEX developed a digital strategy where the programme would be hosted on a specially created microsite - - with multiple languages for the installers to find information, sign up to join the webinars and to also redeem their rewards on the site. Coupled with our lead generation strategy, we effectively targeted lighting installers on digital and social platforms to drive on awareness and conversions.


Within two months of the launch, the campaign reached out to over 400,000 people and resulted in more than 100 sign ups for the online seminars. In addition, the campaign also resulted in Signify reaching out to younger and more digitally savvy professionals, opening a new era of audience for Signify to educate and engage.