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Optimised account-based marketing

May 7, 2020
Puppet unlocks incremental improvements to marketing and sales qualified leads with Account-based Marketing (ABM) and tactical use of the right message with the right visual deployed across relevant channels in Singapore and Australia New Zealand region.

Optimised account-based marketing









As an automation software company, Puppet’s APAC team in Singapore needed a partner to support digital acquisition, customer re-engagement programs and account-based marketing (ABM) campaigns with more precision in order to generate higher number of leads that are qualified based on marketing and sales criterias. Operationally, they had difficulties deploying fast and optimum strategies that can be pivoted based on changing performance due to minimal resource resulting in Puppet turning to DEX for support. 


We first took over management of Puppet’s Linkedin lead generation ads campaigns for the SIngapore market where we targeted their customer base and list of existing prospects. In order to gain better understanding of customer behaviours, we ran multiple A/B tests to determine the most effective visual, messages and tactics to reach out to them. We proceeded then to optimise the ads based on 2 key criterias: Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) and Sales Qualified Leads (SQL) as it was integrated directly into Salesforce CRM to help determine the quality and relevancy of the leads to their business.


In a period of 3 months, we were able to help define and generate reporting that directly connected their digital ads effort to the conversion of the ads, helping them to increase the quality of their leads by up to 62%. Subsequently, we were tasked with the ANZ region where we took over and deployed similar proven workflows for better performance.