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Laughter is the best medicine against scammers

September 13, 2021
Scammers attack indiscriminately on a daily basis to endanger the livelihood of everyone. Focused on educating and raising awareness, Truecaller aimed to strategically reach out to all levels of society through creative and strategic content filled with a local twist to tug on the cultural heartstrings of the people

Laughter is the best medicine against scammers



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With more than 90% of scam calls coming from domestic numbers and rising at an alarming rate, scammers are getting smarter and targeting the more vulnerable and less technologically savvy group of users in Malaysia. How then could we possibly encourage consumers to download the Truecaller app to protect themselves and their loved ones?


Playing on Malaysia's love for memes and humour, we created a series of localised parodies using trendy and recognizable memes that relate the dangers of scams and the importance of protecting themselves and their loved ones from these scammers. There was a greater focus on educating adults on helping to protect their elderly parents as they were one of the most vulnerable groups to scammers.


With the combination of targeted social ads over a period of 6 months, we reached out to more than half of the population in Malaysia and generated over 200,000 engagements. Helping to overachieve the KPIs set by 70% which resulted in an increase in app downloads and installs for Truecaller.