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Delivering wholesome Goodness for Charity

June 22, 2021
With the challenges that COVID was bringing to the local communities, Goodday milk wanted to create a campaign to help the less fortunate during times like these.

Delivering wholesome Goodness for Charity


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Local charities were facing a situation of maintaining their establishments due to the lack of support caused by COVID. At the same time, as the country was limiting the movement of the public, it was impossible for Goodday to run any charity campaigns onground, therefore Goodday wanted to explore a new way of reaching out to their customers online to support and drive donations for the charities.


 As it was near the month of Ramadan which was a religious occasion for Muslims to give back to the community, we created an online campaign called “Goodday Sebarkan Kebaikan” to encourage the goodness of the consumers.

For every purchase of RM15 and above of Goodday products online or in retail shops, users can then visit the microsite to submit their proof of purchase. Upon approval they would then receive an email asking if they would either like to receive a Touch N Go pin with a cash value or choose to donate that same amount to a charity.


As a result, for this month-long campaign, we managed to garner more than a 1,000 submissions and received close to RM 30,000 of donations from kind hearted Malaysians to share with the charities.