New Year, New Product - 3 Methods to supercharge your digital launch

Most customers will start the year with new resolutions, most brands will likely start the year with new product launches especially when we start the new year with few key festive periods in the first quarter. The past two years have seen a rise in product launches with digital platforms and it’s likely to stay for a while, so get yourself prepared with our 3 methods to supercharge your digital launch

1. See Think Do

Consumers today are much more digitally savvy which has also led them to be more desensitized towards marketing efforts especially when brands start to all shout about the same things in a different way. Therefore this represents an opportunity for the brand to revamp how we present ourselves to the customers. The See, Think, Do framework helps to first set your thought process correct by placing yourself into the shoes of the customers. Each phase represents a different state and intent by the consumer:

  1. SEE - represents the state when consumers might use your product or service, but they either don’t know it exists yet or they don’t know you exist yet - There is no commercial intent yet
  2. THINK - describes the state when consumers might use your product or service, know it exists — might even know that you exist — have an interest in buying the product/service you provide but not right now — They have some commercial intent.
  3. DO - depicts the state where consumers not only might use your product or service but actually want to do it right now! That does not mean that they want to buy it from you exactly — if you’re not the only one providing it — They have lots of commercial intent.

This starting point is important as it helps us to frame our mindset and also helps to answer the three very important questions on what is important for our customers which you will see in the next step.

2. Campaign Statement

Every intent starts with a desire and having a statement helps to frame that into a mantra that will guide your entire digital launch. Understanding that the SEE - THINK - DO framework is a representation of how a consumer starts to develop an intent for purchase, this provides us with three key questions to answer:

  1. EMOTIONAL - Why would they feel interested when they SEE it?
  2. RATIONAL - What is it you want them to THINK when they consider it?
  3. MOTIVATE - How should they act and DO when they need it?

By answering these three questions, this will help you develop your campaign statement which is a one line statement that will guide our actions to develop the big idea.

3. Bring It Together

Taking all that we’ve learnt in the last two steps, it’s now time to bring it together. All of the thought process and questions we’ve answered will now help you to develop the entire digital launch framework.

  1. Campaign Statement Sets Foundation - The core principle for the entire idea and objective is based on to lead the entire strategy
  2. Big Idea Guides - Guiding point to ensure that everything we do in each phase of the launch ties back to the emotional, rational and motivational aspirations of the consumers.
  3. Launch Phases Support - The launch phases are then planned to ensure that at each phase See, Think, Do is implemented to support the implementation of the big idea.

Everything comes back as a loop, as the SEE - THINK - DO framework started the thought process and in the end, it can be used to define your actions in each of your launch phases (pre, during and post). 

Start your digital launch planning today

The three methods you’ve learned today are here to guide your thought process to help you and your team to prepare to stand out in your digital launches. 

Download our 3 methods to supercharge your digital launch playbook today! We have included an extra bonus of the framework in a simple chart so that you can determine at each phase what, why and how you want to roll it out.

Thank you! Get ready for a successful digital launch!

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