Empowering Brands with Seamless Social Listening

Social media serves as a vital conduit for customers to engage with brands, and brands recognize the value of social listening tools in comprehending customer needs. However, managing these tools can pose challenges, particularly for large organizations. At DEX, our managed services offer a seamless solution to bridge this gap, exemplified by a leading bank in South East Asia, adoption of our services to oversee their social listening tool, Sprinklr. We help to provide comprehensive support to ensure that the social listening endeavors leave no gaps unfilled.

The advantages of our managed services are threefold:

Crisis Alert Support

Responding promptly to social media crises is of paramount importance, as it profoundly impacts a brand's reputation. Our managed services establish a robust crisis alert management framework. The team diligently monitors the bank's social media channels, swiftly addressing any negative comments or feedback. This proactive approach enables bank to uphold a positive social media reputation, fostering heightened customer trust and loyalty.

Social Listening Reporting

We generate monthly social listening reports specifically tailored for the bank. These reports furnish the bank with invaluable insights into customer sentiment, track their social media performance, and unveil emerging trends. Armed with these insights, the bank makes informed business decisions, elevating their overall social monitoring strategy.

Platform Management

We expertly manage the Sprinklr platform, ensuring seamless operations. Our proficient team is adept at swiftly handling any platform-related issues, minimizing downtime and mitigating disruption to the bank’s social monitoring strategy. By entrusting us with their social media management, the bank can focus on its core business activities.

In today’s digital age, social media assumes a pivotal role in customer engagement, necessitating brands to invest in robust social listening tools. Nevertheless, managing these tools can prove challenging, especially for large organizations. This is precisely where our managed services excel, serving as the bridge between brands and social listening platforms. The bank’s commitment towards social listening is a shining example of a company that has harnessed the power of managed services to enhance its social monitoring strategy, ultimately fostering stronger customer relationships and a sterling reputation.

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