Can Happy Memories Boost Sales?

In August, Planta Malaysia launched an engaging sales campaign, leveraging digital activation. The main concept was centered around the theme of "Peraduan Sihat dan Ceria", aimed at boosting brand engagement and driving product sales while amplifying product nutritional benefits.

'My Journey with Planta' Activation

The campaign kicked off with a digital activation titled "My Journey with Planta," skillfully leveraging social media influencers and curated social posts to portray families and fond memories, encouraging consumers to make a minimum purchase of RM 10 worth of Planta products.

Simplified Mechanics

Consumers were required to take a snapshot of their receipts and either scan the QR code to submit or WhatsApp proof of purchase to be eligible to participate. The activation content was featured in the buildup of the campaign to connect with audiences on a warmer perspective, positioning happy emotions associated with Planta at the core of content creation.

Incentivized Engagement

To drive contest participation, participants were incentivized with a chance to win weekly prizes amounting to RM 8,250 for eight consecutive weeks. This resulted in a grand total giveaway of RM 66,000 in Touch 'n Go (TNG) vouchers, honoring Malaysia's 66th year of independence.

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